For any culinary business, the ultimate goal is to create an unforgettable dining experience for your patrons. But what’s served up on a plate isn’t the only thing that matters. As evidenced by Instagram photos on your feed, customers today are not only raving about great food and awesome ambience—they put extra points to great-looking and courteous staff.

That being said, it won’t do any justice to dress your restaurant staff in those drab, white, heavy linen uniforms. While these traditional uniforms serve their purpose well, they just don’t look attractive to customers anymore. And they sure don’t look attractive to your staff, as well.

Trendy Uniforms are Great for your Image

Your customers have been from one restaurant to another, and so they would be able to tell what’s trendy and what’s passé. When they see that you give attention to your staff’s uniform, they would think that you care as much about serving great food. Kitchen uniforms say a lot about your brand, and how it looks can make or break your customer’s perception

Give Your Staff Some Love

Dress your kitchen staff in colourful shirts, aprons, hats or dresses, or let them wear their trendy casual attire under stylishly cut aprons. This will help enhance their confidence while at work, thus making them more productive, more attentive to customers and prepare more delicious food.

Don’t Forget Functionality

Kitchens can be brutal; temperatures are high, and stress level can go up with all the splashing, shouting, and running around. So your uniforms should be able to put up with the toughest working conditions, without looking sloppy.

Here are some contemporary kitchen staff uniform ideas that are both functional and on-trend, made to suit a variety of culinary environments:

1. Aprons

Modern aprons range from the sleek, full-length aprons to the more casual waist aprons. They come in a variety of colours, from black and greys to bright greens, blues, pinks and yellows. Bib aprons are never out of fashion. They provide the needed protection to kitchen staff, without losing the style factor. Contemporary designs now include removable straps, reinforced stitching and antique brass fittings.

Current styles also give more attention to storage, with divided pockets to keep essential items.

2. Shirts

Classic t-shirts are always on-demand for kitchen staff as they come in different colour choices to match the brand. Not only are they comfortable, they are also versatile and easy to maintain. Polos are also great uniform options. They can be worn dressed up or down, and are typically more durable. Today’s styles feature contemporary plackets, breathable fabric and panel stitching.

3. Hats and Beanies

Traditional chef hats are a thing of the past. Kitchen staff today prefer wearing caps and beanies updated with stylish hues. Cotton snapback caps are still widely popular, usually with coloured under-peak lining. There are also modern snap caps with six panel designs and padded cotton sweatband for additional comfort. Knit beanies are also on-trend, and current styles have cuffed hems and side seams.

Casual, more relaxed style and branded clothing are also vastly popular today. Smack Bang offers a wide range of uniforms that can be easily customised with your logo. If your restaurant’s image matters, then settling for boring, outdated kitchen staff uniforms is not an option.

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