They are certainly not the most fashionable pieces in your wardrobe, but trust hi-vis clothing to keep you out of harm’s reach, especially when you are working in high-risk environments like construction sites, airports, roadworks, mines, and the like.


What is Hi-Vis Clothing Made Of?

Hi-vis or high visibility clothing is the brightly coloured, reflective garment typically worn by roadside construction workers, policemen, traffic officials, and sometimes motor cyclists. This type of clothing is made of fluorescent material attached with reflective shapes and tapes designed to make the wearer more visible on site to avoid certain hazards like being hit by a passing vehicle or any heavy equipment.

During daytime, the material absorbs UV rays from the sun, and then re-emits the light. During night time or in low-light conditions, alternative light sources (like a torchlight) will react with the clothing’s reflective material.


Benefits of Wearing Hi-Vis Clothing

If you are working in industry environments, you may be required by law to wear hi-vis clothing. The colour of the garment should contrast with the dominant colours on the site, so they are mostly yellow or orange in colour. The clothing is specially designed to prevent accidents, injuries or fatalities. When you have any hi-vis clothing on, heavy equipment operators will see you from afar, so they can easily avoid you when they’re in motion.


What Types of Hi-Vis Clothing to Wear

Hi-vis vests may be too warm and uncomfortable for some people. Fortunately, there are other wearable and more comfortable alternatives that are designed to suit different weather conditions.

Hi Vis Reflective Long Sleeve 150G Work ShirtOne of the best options is the hi-vis reflective long sleeves work shirt. The hi-vis reflective long sleeves shirt is made of 100% cotton, providing maximum comfort while working. It also has a wide-back neck yoke with concealed mesh, as well as a cooling gusset at the underarms, making it a great choice during warmer conditions.

The hi-vis reflective long sleeves shirt is also a winner when it comes to safety. It is made with fluorescent material and built with reflective tape, making it suitable for both day and night time work. It also has two front pockets with button-down flaps and a curved hem with back tail. The garment is also reinforced at all the pressure points for extra strength and durability.

The hi-vis reflective long sleeves work shirt can also be easily branded with your company logo. We provide onsite embroidery services with faster turnaround.

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