Work uniforms offer huge financial benefits for your staff. But to you—the business owner—it represents a big financial commitment. With so many things to wrap your head around, uniforms become the least of your concerns.

So you put suit jackets, shirts, bottoms and some accessories together and you notice that your per-person uniform cost has blown the budget. What to do now?

Don’t let uniform costs discourage you; you can still have stylish, high-quality and professional-looking uniforms for your team even when you have a limited budget.

Here are our top uniform recommendations for small businesses on a budget:

  1.    Custom polo shirts

Polo shirts are the most inexpensive uniform options. This way your budget is spent on only one clothing item, which suits both men and women. You can choose shirts that match the colours of your brand and have them embroidered with your logo. Polo shirts are also very versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor working environments.

Profile Ladies Polo Shirt

  1.    Jackets

Suit jackets may be a little on the pricey side but they make a great corporate uniform. You can go for suits or blazers for men and women, and have them embroidered with your logo. This can be worn over any type of business shirt or blouse and paired with trousers or pencil skirt.

  1.     Protective workwear

Industrial work environments have different requirements when it comes to uniforms. If you have workers in locations like construction, roadwork, mines, or any outdoor jobs that are prone to hazards, hi-vis clothing is the ultimate in safety, and they generally cost less.

Apart from the usual hi-vis vest, there are also other varieties to choose from, like polos, long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, soft shell jackets, singlets and overalls. You can also personalise these garments with an embroidered logo to provide increased visibility for your brand.

If you are operating a café or restaurant, you can go for aprons as uniforms for your kitchen and wait staff. Aprons worn on top of casual shirt and jeans are on-trend these days. Modern styles range from the sleek, full-length to the more casual waist aprons. You can easily choose colours that match your brand or have your logo embroidered on the aprons.

  1.     Accessories

If you really want to save more, you can easily skip the clothing and focus on accessories instead. You can keep it stylish and modern with caps or hats embroidered with your business logo. They come in different varieties and colour options, enhancing the overall uniform look you want to achieve.  

These ideas will surely help you come up with high-quality but affordable uniforms for your staff. We can help you create an affordable uniform range for your business. Let us know where you might need help with and we’ll put together some inexpensive options for you. You can also check out our impressive selection of quality but affordable professional uniforms and workwear.