Gone are the days when tradesmen would drive battered, old utes and wear worn-out, scruffy shirts and workpants, with dirt and sweat all over. Tradies of today are now more likely to wear stylish, modern-looking clothing in the worksite.

In fact, a social research found that 45% of tradies think that wearing fashionable workwear is “extremely important.”

Industry work environments require employees to wear clothing that adheres to safety standards. Surely, we believe there’s no reason not to look absolutely your best at work while still being compliant with safety guidelines. Industrial workwear today has evolved, and you can now choose protective clothing that is both workplace-safe and oozing with style.

So we have prepared a guide to compliant but comfortable and superbly stylish clothing options for the modern tradies.

  1. Polo shirts


Hi-vis (high-visibility) clothing is the ultimate when it comes to safety. But they’re not exactly the most fashionable pieces in your wardrobe. Luckily, there are now wearable and definitely more stylish alternatives to the popular fluorescent-reflective gear. You can go for hi-vis polo shirts for that professional look, complemented by unique print design details that would make you look more like a member of a rugby team than a tradie.

Check out our Hi-Vis Zone Polo, which is also made of highly breathable and quick drying fabric with moisture-wicking properties that help reduce sweat.


2. Hoodie


Hoodies are a wardrobe staple. They are highly versatile and they’re perfect for staying cozy and warm. Most importantly, they are super stylish! You can go for the regular hoodie or the hi-vis variety. Our Multi-Pocket Hoodie is a style winner; it is made with soft warm fleece lining and mesh hood lining for warmth, plus kangaroo pockets (plus more pockets!) for functionality.


3. Pants


Say goodbye to old, baggy pants. Today’s tradie pants are a combination of flattering fit and functionality, with built-in reinforcements, extra pockets, and ventilation (where it’s needed).

If you want a pair of pants that’s engineered for the outdoors, check out our Rugged Cooling Cargo Pants, which has a contemporary fit and 10 multi-functional pockets.


4. Overalls


If you’re tired with the shirt and pants combo, try overalls. Overalls are built to the highest standards and quality, and they generally provide extensive storage and have built-in reinforcements for durability.

If you are looking for a super comfortable and ultra functional hi-vis overall, check out our Rugged Cooling Taped Overall.

5. Work Shirt

For a more comfortable and professional look, the work shirt is a great option. Today’s tradie work shirts are sleek and stylish, and can easily go from worksite to a casual day off. Dress them with a pair of cargo pants for tough jobs or pair it with trousers when meeting with clients.

If you want great-fitting and super functional work shirts, check out our Lightweight Short-Sleeve Shirt.

6. Multi-Pocket Shorts

Finally, a modern-take to the tradie’s best friend! Tradies of today are no longer a fan of shorts that are either too loose or too clunky. They prefer light-weight, great-fitting shorts with more pockets to fit all of their tools in. Our Ultralite Multi-Pocket Shorts has a total of 15 pockets (because two pockets are simply not enough), with two swing-away pockets that double as a tool belt, and is super lightweight and durable.

If you’re looking for fashionable and on-trend tradie uniforms and workwear for you and your staff, you’ve come to the right place! Choose your perfect tradie outfit from our impressive collection of high-quality and stylish workwear—all compliant to workplace safety standards.  

Plus, we can embroider your business logo for your chosen garments! You’re welcome to check our product range and see if we meet your workwear requirements.