A good polo shirt can turn any clothing problem around. It’s great for sports activities, for summer (or for winter, when layered up), it looks smart and classy, feels comfy, and can be dressed up or down without much fuss. We just love the ubiquity of a single polo shirt, don’t we?

Fun fact: While the polo shirt has become an essential piece in both men and women’s wardrobe, it actually originated as a men’s tennis shirt back in the 1920s. French tennis champ Rene Lacoste started what would become a style staple when he showed up for the U.S. Open wearing a short-sleeved pique knit collared shirt with a buttoned placket. This was a huge thing back then because tennis used to be played with an aristocratic flare: players only wore flannel trousers, dress shirt and a tie. So the new tennis shirt caught on and eventually made Lacoste the most recognisable polo shirt maker in the world.


Sports polos

From a tennis uniform to a super versatile casual clothing, polo shirts now come in different styles and functionality. Whether you need one as a company uniform, for your sports team or for your personal use, there are different materials, fabric, design, colour and texture you can choose from.

Two important things to consider when buying uniforms for sports teams: fabric and fit. Sports activities require materials that are designed to suit different performance factors, such as breathability, flexibility, and durability. Your team members should be comfortable in their uniforms; sports garments should not be too restricting, too loose or too warm.

One of your best options is the Renegade Polo. It is especially designed to provide cooling comfort and a more contemporary fit. It is made with mesh panels for greater ventilation in areas where you need it the most.

Sweat always makes anyone feel uncomfortable and irritated, but with the Renegade Polo, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time in the field under the sun because it is designed to provide the wearer free movement and offers breathability when it gets hot.

Style-wise, the Renegade Polo won’t fail you. It features silver reflective trims that make you stand out and a dynamic bold colour contrast. It also has a knitted stripe collar. This style comes in men’s, ladies’ and kids’ variety.



Sports polo shirts are typically made using a synthetic blend of materials specifically designed for extreme sports activities. The Renegade Polo is made of 100% BIZ COOL Micro Polyester, a kind of synthetic fibre that is both durable and very comfortable to wear. The material makes this garment resistant to runs, stretching, wrinkles, shrinking, water and stains. Plus, you’ll love that the Renegade Polo is super easy to maintain!

Surely, nothing spells teamwork better than a polo shirt sporting your team’s logo. We can take care of your embroidery requirements and we can assure you faster turnaround and superb quality.

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