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Medical professionals have gone from wearing crisply ironed, severe-looking white lab coats, pants or skirts to colourful, comfortable and functional scrubs. Since becoming a big thing in the 1940’s healthcare professionals have replaced their traditional white uniforms with medical scrubs.

Today, we can see doctors and nurses wearing scrubs everywhere—in the grocery store, having lunch in a nearby restaurant or dropping off their kids at school. Grey’s Anatomy may have been slightly responsible for the popularity of scrubs, but hospitals, clinics and other health-related workplaces have embraced the practicality and functionality of scrubs for employees.

Here are some of the winning benefits of wearing scrubs in hospitals and clinics:


They’re comfortable to move around in.


Many healthcare professionals think that wearing scrubs feels like wearing comfy pajamas to work. This type of garment is specifically created for long hours of working. They are designed to be more durable compared to other types of clothing. Medical scrubs are made from different blends of fabric like cotton, polyester, rayon and sometimes spandex. This fabric structure makes scrub suits extremely comfortable and wearable.

Contrast Crossover Scrub Top Ladies


Added protection for both healthcare professional and patient


Hospitals are great breeding grounds for different kinds of bacteria and viruses. Health care professionals come into contact with different diseases and clothing., in particular, transmits bacteria easily. Most scrubs manufacturers design medical scrubs from fabrics with bacteria-fighting properties that could provide added protection to the wearer and to the patient as well.

They are easy to maintain



Medical professionals, especially those in the operating room, need to be thorough with cleaning and sterilisation of their uniforms. Medical scrubs are made from easy-care materials that can be cleaned and sterilised to remove dirt and even blood stains. Typically, specialised cleaning chemicals are used to treat stains on scrubs. They are strong enough to withstand harsh cleaning methods without getting worn out.


Easy identification


Hospitals can get extremely busy and crowded during rush hours. Scrubs are a great way for patients and colleagues to identify medical professionals. Different departments also require staff to wear specific colours of scrubs for easy identification.


Accessible and fits all body types


Scrubs are designed to be easily adaptable to different body types. When they are in a hurry, medical professionals can simply put on their scrubs without so much fuss. Most scrub suits are also designed with multiple pockets, providing enough space for other things like pens, notepads, smartphones, gloves, or anything they might need.

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