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Hoodies have evolved from being just an afterthought—something you throw over your gym shirt or watch your favourite television series in or worn in school. But now, hoodies have become a wardrobe staple. They’re so comfortable that they’ve become one of the most ubiquitous clothing items.

Hoodies as uniforms

We’re in a time and age when cosy is the new cool. People love hoodies because they’re a good mix of style and comfort; they’re made of soft material and they’ve got great fit, making you feel as if they’ve been your favourite for years.

Best of all, hoodies make a great uniform and an ideal blank canvas for businesses to show off their logos.

The Panorama Hoodie is one way to play the hoodie fashion game well. It’s a style booster and provides extra warmth you need during outdoor activities and casual days. It features a modern look, with contrast edge stitch hood liner, hood stripe and front piping. The full-zip closure will keep you snug and comfortable no matter what the season. It also features a traditional drawstring closure around the face of the hood.


Hoodies are known for their ultra-comfy and cosy vibe, and yes, they do feel like a hug. This is because they are made with a perfect blend of cotton and polyester. The Panorama Hoodie is made of these materials, which is why it is relatively crease-free and can hold its shape up. The cotton blend material also makes this garment more durable and adds breathability.

One of the most common problems with winter clothing (hoodies, jackets and sweaters alike) is when it starts to pill due to frequent washing and rubbing on surfaces. But you don’t have to worry about this. The Panorama Hoodie’s inner layer is made of a kind of fleece knit fabric that is less susceptible to pilling, so you won’t have to worry about those annoying fuzz balls on your garment. The material also adds warmth by helping maintain body heat, protecting you from extremely cold climates.

Cleaning isn’t much of a chore either. This garment can be washed at home and tossed into the washer and dryer. Ironing is not a requirement.

Surely, there is no reason not to love hoodies and it’s just impossible not to have something so comfortable, so versatile and long-lasting. You can browse our extensive collection of winter wear and try our hassle-free ordering system. And no minimum order, too!

If you are looking to purchase hoodies as work uniforms, we can also take care of your embroidery requirements. We’ll assure you faster turnaround and superb quality.